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Wondering where to scuba dive off a cruise ship in Roatan, Honduras?

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We can help! Ever find yourself wondering what an ocean adventure would be like to Roatan? Want to step off the boat and explore the underwater world? Our experienced crew and staff are here to help. Here is some key information about Port and transportation and a ‘How to’ guide when in Roatan. Click on the following links cruise critic and read all about Roatan from other passengers points of view. Celebrity Cruise, Carnival Cruise, and Crystal Cruise dock in Mahogany Bay. Royal Caribbean Cruise and Norweign Cruise Line dock in at Port of Roatan.

port of roatan
Port of Roatan


Imagine a place where lobster is a common lunch fare, traffic lights don’t exist and you can hail a taxi on the water. Welcome to Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands, 30 miles north of Honduras. Almost 40 miles long and just 2.5 miles at its widest point, the remote island boasts white-sand beaches, pristine bays and spectacular coral reefs.

a picture of 2 large cruiseships in roatan honduras

Roatan is a true melting pot. Its 50,000 people are a mix of Spanish, British, Paya Indian and African, the result of a stormy history that includes conquistadors, pirates and slave traders. In the mid-17th century, the Spanish relocated the Paya Indians in an unsuccessful attempt to rid the island of British pirates. In the late-18th century, the island was re-populated when British troops deported thousands of Black Caribs who had sided with the French during a battle over St. Vincent. Another group of immigrants arrived from the Caymans in the 1830s.

–By Susan Jaques, Cruise Critic contributor; updated by Ashley Kosciolek, Editor

Today, tourism has overtaken commercial fishing as Roatan’s top industry. Part of the world’s second-largest barrier reef system, Roatan’s waters are teeming with colorful coral and sponges. Divers and snorkelers swim alongside schools of fish, as well as whale sharks, barracudas, mantas, dolphins and turtles. The water feels like what you’d find in a bathtub, hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Snorkeling there is like watching high-definition television, with fantastic visibility.

Dozens of world-class diving and snorkeling sites are accessible from beaches around the island. Through numerous operators congregated in West End this is the hub of the island’s activity. Marlin, tuna and wahoo lure anglers year-round, particularly for the annual fall bill-fishing tournament. Roatan is also a mecca for water sports. Kayaking, water skiing, sailing and wakeboarding are popular activities.

The former pirate haven offers travelers unspoiled charm and exceptional marine life. Like many of its Caribbean neighbors, the island is in transition. Expensive new homes and resorts stand in sharp contrast to clapboard tin-roofed houses. In addition to cruise ships, direct flights from Miami and Houston and weekly charters from Milan are bringing large numbers of tourists.



The Mahogany Bay Cruise Ship Port in Isla Roatan is located in Dixon Cove, on the southwest section of Roatan. This Roatan cruise ship port and welcome center is an achievement by Carnival Cruise Line and a significant milestone for Honduran tourism.

The 20 acre welcome center has several gift shops, restaurants and duty-free retail stores available once you disembark from the cruise ship. From the welcome center, you may take the Magical Beach Chair Lift to a 10 acre private island featuring a 400 yard white sand beach. It has access to beach activities and water-sports. Mahogany Bay Cruise Ship Port Map


The Magic Beach Chair Lift costs $12 U.S dollars for an all day pass and riders must be a minimum of 32 inches tall. There are several private cabanas for rent as well and they must be reserved through the cruise line.How to exit Mahogany Bay Cruise Ship Port Video.

Mahagony Bay port in roatan honduras


Where to scuba dive off a cruise ship in Roatan Honduras? You found it after a 20 minute car ride from Port of Roatan or 30 minute ride from Mahogany Bay, that brings you to our shop at the entrance to West End, a short drive with our highly respected and native to the island Murphy of Murphy’s Tours.  He is the driver that will greet you and deliver you safely and with a smile.

scuba dive center in roatan honduras on the corner into west end
The largest dive center in Roatan, West End, Honduras

Once dropped off at the shop you will be greeted by our staff and sign into our Divesoft program and fill our the necessary waivers to go diving.  Whilst waiting we have complimentary Honduran coffee and the coldest freshest water free of charge. After getting the paperwork sorted out, next will either be a short classroom session if your learning to scuba dive.

a scuba diving classroom

If you’re already certified we will help you choose your top of the line scuba rental equipment.

Once the team is ready to head to the boat we will escort you down to the boats.

2 large covered scuba dive boats that belong to coconut tree divers

This is the ladder you will climb aboard the boat, both are large boats called BottomTime and PotLicker. They are fully equipped with hand made diver friendly ladders.

best ladder in west end

This is just one of the aspects that sets us apart from other dive centers. We hope you find this information useful in your decision to find the best dive center to suit your needs.

dive boat potlicker ready for action

Again if you’re wondering where to scuba dive off a cruise ship in Roatan Honduras look no further and come and join us you won’t be disappointed.