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Coconut Tree Divemaster Internship Program

Each divemaster that signs up with us gets ready to embrace their 6 week journey into becoming a Padi pro. They will soon be tested with academic studies, practical applications, skill circuits, dive briefings and leads, night dives, compressor maintenance and tank filling and of course meeting and greeting customers as they come into the busiest shop that west end has to offer.


Need some information on some of the Padi Divemaster skill circuits, check out this video by Course Director Will Welbourn.

6 Week Divemaster Internship Program

Here at Coconut Tree we specialize in the pro side of teaching and have a 6 week program designed just for pro candidates. If you’re checking on where to do your training and you come across shops that explain to you they only carry a small amount of divemasters it’s because they do not have a program designed for you. Our course is challenging and fun at the same time leaving you with plenty of experience to start your IDC with us.

Divemaster interns practicing their equipment exchange on the deck:

Tying of the boat is one of the divemaster interns duties:

When the boat comes back from the dives, be sure to learn your clove hitches and other knots!!


by Henrik

“The first day is the introduction. You get told a bunch of information and you won’t remember even half of it, but that is okay because it will come to you in a couple of days. They will show you around the shop, the classroom and the compressor room just to get you familiar with it.

You start to meet everyone that you will work with for the next couple of months and also all the other DMT’s that share the same housing as you. The DMT house is nice with private rooms and bathrooms and a share kitchen, which is a nice excuse to cook meals together and be social. Even though you can’t remember every ones name, you will still feel warmly welcomed. You will also be assigned an instructor who will be your mentor during the divemaster course.


Over the next couple of days you will be shown how all the routines work. How to help a customer, what to check in the mornings, how to fill the tanks, how to use the compressors, load and unload the boat and of course the dive schedule. It only takes you a few days to get into it and to change your feeling from “I have no idea what I am doing” and “I am just in the way” to “I am actually being useful right now.” I have now been here for one and a half weeks and already I am doing the routines like everybody else. Of course, there are still plenty of things I still have to learn – such as tying the knots for the boat, but that will hopefully also be pretty easy in a couple of weeks.

“I think the first week is the most intense. I arrive in a new country (and in my case, really far away from home) and everything is new. It’s hard work learning the dive shop routine. A lot of heavy lifting of tanks and adjusting to working in the tropical heat. The mosquitos and sandflies love fresh blood so you need to always use some sort of bug spray. I stressed over all the new tasks that you just learned and all the things that has to be completed before you can go and do the easy part – dive. The first week is a really intense on your body. It gets easier once you start to get used to everything. Every day got easier and easier and I improved so much on my skills.

Lasting impressions…

I already know I will always remember fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional diver and living in Roatan, Honduras”

Thanks Henrik for some insight on the DM program, its a busy program and organized in a way that super exceeds all other DM programs on the island. Plus we have the most fun!!!!

Henrik is pictured in middle wearing the orange t shirt:

a group of people posing for the camera

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