Sidemount Diving

Welcome to Roatan’s Sidemount Dive Center: One Tank good, Two Tanks better!

Interested in learning sidemount diving in Roatan? The Roatan Tec Center has been a partner with for 14 years now.  All the rental gear is up to date 2.0 Xdeep Stealth tec and rec wings. During day 1 of your course your instructor will guide you through the process of properly fitting you to your rig. This is very important as the harness needs to fit snug to the diver for maximum buoyancy


In your Xdeep pouch the diver will carry:

  • Wet notes with back up tables
  • spare clip
  • stainless steel multi-tool
  • zip ties
  • bungee
  • spare pencil
  • Z-knife
  • mouthpiece
  • SMB & finger spool
  • knife or cutting tool
  • nylon cord
  • spare mask



Make no mistake about this dive computer, it is hands down the best technical dive computer on the market today (Rental not included in the cost of course). Although not mandatory that the student comes equipped with this computer, you can choose to complete the course using a bottom timer and tables still. However it is recommended to have the best of the best if this is your path in the dive industry. The computer comes equipped with the Buhlman ZHL16-C + GF algorithem for planning our dives.

multi-deco: Deco Planning for Technical Divers


The Roatan Tec Center has partnered up with Dive Rite the last 10 years and continue to use their service as their first choice of Sidemount | Deco | and Oxygen regulators.


Our valves on our sidemount and doubles tanks are all dive rite DIN 3000psi | 200 Bar | Left Right configurations. With these types of valves the loop bungee is hooked on the stems, letting the tank knobs align themselves on the outsides making it easier for the diver to shut down a valve. We also have the capability to set up double 80 cubic foot banded tanks.