Rebreather Support


Looking for a rebreather friendly shop? We can supply what you need to get some hours in on your unit. We offer private lockers, 797 Sofnolime on site is a rate of $6.00USD / pound. We also have to rent a 1 set of 2 litre steel tanks, and 1 set of 3 litre steel tanks. You can join the certified dive tour that departs at 8:30am for a 2 tank morning dive or we have single dives in the pm @ 13:00 and 14:30. If you are certified for deco dives we can set up those dives as well with an instructor guiding you to the best locations depending on the depths.

oxygen booster pump
Haskel Booster Pump
797 Sorb
diagram, engineering drawing
2 & 3 litre steel tanks
Coconut Tree Divers MCH 36 Coltri Compressor
Coconut Tree Divers MCH 36 Coltri Compressor