* TDI Trimix / PADI Tec 65


Should your aspirations encompass surpassing the confines set by diving with air and Nitrox, embracing the TDI Trimix or PADI Trimix 65 course emerges as an excellent avenue to actualize your ambitions. Trimix, an amalgamation of oxygen, nitrogen, and helium, emerges as the medium of choice for executing technical dives that extend to depths of up to 200ft/60m. This approach ensures the utmost safety while mitigating the effects of narcosis. Our discussions will delve into the merits and physiological attributes of helium as a breathing gas, alongside an evaluation of Trimix’s behavior during decompression. An integral facet of the course involves becoming proficient in managing multiple staged decompression tanks, strategically executing gas switches at depth to optimize decompression efficiency.

Structured across three days, this course encompasses four decompression dives, totaling a minimum of 100 minutes of bottom time. Of these dives, you will engage in two instances that plunge beyond 130ft/40m. While sharing similar principles, it’s worth noting that the TDI and PADI courses exhibit nuances in terms of standards and prerequisites.

Before you start you may choose TDI or PADI for certification.

All technical courses require a Medical Statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months & require the student to have DAN insurance or equivalent.

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TDI Trimix / TEC 65 Course Details

TDI Trimix Diver:

18 year oldMin. Adv. NitroxNitrox and Deco Procedures or equivalent Proof of 100 logged dives


PADI Tec Trimix:

Tec 50 or equivalentMin. 100 logged dives18 years old