*TDI Helitrox


The TDI Helitrox course delves into the principles, strategies, and protocols relevant to planned stage decompression diving that incorporates Helium in the breathing mixture. This curriculum stands alone as an independent program or can be integrated with TDI Advanced Nitrox, as determined by the instructor’s discretion.

The primary aim of this course is to equip divers with the skills to meticulously plan and execute staged decompression dives, all while adhering to a maximum depth of 45 metres / 150 feet. The course imparts knowledge about the commonly required equipment, gear arrangement, and decompression methodologies.

During the course, participants are granted the freedom to utilize Enriched Air Nitrox and Helium blends, provided the Helium content does not exceed 20%, and Oxygen is maintained within the range of up to 100% for decompression purposes, aligned with their existing certification level. It is important to note that breathing gas mixtures containing more than 20% Helium or less than 21% Oxygen are not permissible within a range of +/- 1%.

Before you start you may choose TDI or PADI for certification.

All technical courses require a Medical Statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months & require the student to have DAN insurance or equivalent.

TDI Helitrox Training

TDI Helitrox Course Details

TDI Helitrox Prereqs:

  • 18 years old
  • Adv diver w/ Deep Specialty or Intro to Tec
  • Nitrox diver
  • 50 logged dives