*PADI & TDI Sidemount


SIDEMOUNT diving is a style of diving that evolved from cave and cavern diving practices, but is becoming increasingly popular in recreational and technical diving. Here at the Roatan Tec Center we have been teaching Sidemount long before TDI or PADI had an official course. We started teaching Sidemount in 2007 after developing a distinctive specialty course. 

During the course you will learn the history of Sidemount and its uses in diving. We teach in top of the line XDeep Stealth 2 harnesses and DiveRite Regs. The course is split between 2 days. Out the front door is Half Moon Bay where we will do our 2 confined water (1 each morning) and it is a short boat ride to the wall for the 2 open water dives (1 each afternoon). 

Over the course we will work on fin techniques needed for technical and cave diving, mastering buoyancy and emergency drills. Our TDI Sidemount instructor Monty has a wealth of experience and a unique knowledge base to share with you.

Make sure you choose the instructor and not the facility when it comes to learning to sidemount dive. Our facility has taught over 500 sidemount and technical classes. When it comes to experience level no one on the island comes close. Often duplicated – Never replicated.

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