*PADI & TDI Sidemount


SIDEMOUNT diving, a diving approach stemming from cave and cavern diving techniques, has gained significant traction in both recreational and technical diving circles. At the Roatan Tec Center, our history with Sidemount predates official courses by TDI or PADI, as we initiated Sidemount training in 2007 with a unique specialized program.

Within this course, participants delve into the historical evolution and practical applications of Sidemount diving. Our instruction utilizes the premium XDeep Stealth 2 harnesses and DiveRite Regs. The course spans two days: situated alongside Half Moon Bay, the training encompasses two confined water sessions (one each morning), followed by two open water dives (one each afternoon) at the nearby wall via a short boat ride.

Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on refining fin techniques essential for technical and cave diving, attaining mastery over buoyancy, and honing emergency procedures. Guiding these endeavors is Monty, our accomplished TDI Sidemount instructor, who brings a wealth of expertise and unique insights to the table.

Selecting the right instructor over the facility is paramount when seeking to learn sidemount diving. Our facility boasts a track record of instructing over 500 sidemount and technical courses, standing as the pinnacle of experience on the island. Often duplicated – Never replicated.

roatan sidemount diving

Roatan Sidemount Course Details