*PADI Open Water Instructor


Train with our multi-platinum award winning course director, Will Welbourn

Roatan IDC Training

Will Welbourn, the longest-serving PADI Course Director in the Bay Islands, is dedicated to providing you with the best possible training as an instructor. His extensive experience ensures that he can teach you the skills you need to succeed beyond simply passing the PADI Instructor Exam. As the real test comes when teaching your first course, Will’s aim is to prepare you for real-life scenarios and the unexpected challenges that you may face as an instructor.

Roatan IDC Training with small class sizes

Choosing to do your IDC with us offers a significant advantage in terms of small class sizes, which we guarantee. You will never be in a class larger than eight, with an average size of just three. This represents immense value to you as the entire course focuses on developing and practicing your teaching techniques in both the classroom and the water. With a small group, you get more opportunities to practice yourself rather than watching others, although there is still value in observing others. Our decision to cap the maximum class size at six is to strike the right balance. Additionally, a small class size ensures that the course doesn’t require excessively long days, with our average day running from 9 am to 4 pm, including a one-hour lunch break. This leaves ample time for breakfast, exercise, homework, and relaxation, allowing you to perform better without feeling mentally or physically exhausted.

Course Cost: $1450 if already a Divemaster


The PADI IDC and EFRI course is a 12-day program followed by a two-day instructor exam administered by a PADI examiner in the Bay Islands. The exam typically takes place on Roatan, but occasionally it may be conducted on Utila. We offer an IDC course every month, and you must hold a Divemaster certification to enroll. Additionally, you are welcome to arrive a week or two before the course begins to participate in some diving practice, which is included in the course fee. We will work with you to brush up on your Divemaster skills and ensure that you are fully prepared to begin the IDC. Each student receives a fully customized IDC prep course.

Our classroom at IDC Roatan is equipped with WiFi, air conditioning, and a pool for confined water training if necessary. However, we usually conduct our training in the ocean, where ideal conditions exist almost year-round. Half Moon Bay features crystal clear water and perfect sand patches that do not silt up, making it an ideal location for practicing confined water presentations. We have a variety of open water sites within a 15-minute boat ride, and we will visit several of them to help you develop your skills in assessing sites for training purposes. All of the sites have excellent visibility and calm, warm water, which makes the training far less stressful.

Will Welbourn, our PADI Course Director, will keep you engaged and challenged throughout the program, always with a smile on his face. He will help you identify areas for improvement and provide clear action points that will enable you to enhance your performance in the future. While it may be uncomfortable to have your performance critiqued, it is a necessary part of both the Divemaster and Instructor development courses. Will’s interpersonal skills and extensive feedback training will give you a great head start in developing your training skills, and you will learn valuable feedback techniques that will help you develop a successful and enjoyable career in teaching diving.