Roatan Restaurants: The Best and Most Delicious

Wondering where to enjoy the best meal on Roatan?

You’ve enjoyed a long day in the sun, filled with swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving through the turquoise water…
Now you’ve hung your suit to dry, washed the sand from your hair, can feel the heat from your sun kissed cheeks and are wondering.. hmm where shall we eat tonight?!

Well, we’ve got you covered! After years of enjoying all the island has to offer, below is a list of our favorite and most delicious places Roatan restaurants!

a group of people posing for the camera
Coconut Tree instructors Cruz, Tina, Racheal and Shane out with friends for dinner at Oasis!


Our favorite restaurant on the island, without question!! If you are looking for the best quality, most delicious food on the island, look no further than Oasis.

Roatan Oasis serves freshly prepared food using local ingredients. Their dishes draw inspiration from every corner of the globe and their menu is always changing (in the best way possible)! The service is the best on the island and the atmosphere here is lovely, laid-back and elegant. Oasis has an extensive wine list and the handcrafted cocktails are a true highlight. If you are up for some live music, head to Oasis on a Thursday as there is always an acoustic set!

Oasis is quite popular (for good reason) so best to make a reservation through their website or contact info below. Do not miss Oasis when visiting Roatan, it is too delicious to not visit and the best of the best Roatan restaurants!

FAVS: Try the chipotle glazed baby back ribs as a main and the snickers for dessert. You won’t be disappointed.

Hours: Monday – Friday 5-9pm (Closed weekends)
Make your reservation: +504 9484 6659 (number works for WhatsApp as well)
Location: West Bay Road, very near after leaving West End
Price rating: $$$

a plate of food with broccoli
Best cocktails on the island to cool you down from our hot island days!

Café Escondido

Delicious breakfast, coffee, smoothies, salads, sandwiches and an abundance of the most delectable noodles you could ever wish for. The restaurant has a great vibe/aesthetic to it and total bonus: Cafe Escondido is located on a second story facing the ocean, making for a perfect view of the sparking Caribbean sea right in front of your face! Escondido is a hot spot for lunch among divers, tourists and locals, especially when they do their lunch specials. Escondido does not serve dinner (tears), so make sure to head there before it closes everyday around 2:30!

We love Café Escondido because the flavor and portions are so plentiful. A great price, great quality, great location and a stellar view make Escondido a forever favorite of ours.

FAVS: Banana shake, cucumber lemonade, and ANY of the noodle dishes (so good).

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 7:45am- 3pm (Closed Mondays)
Location: West End, West End Road. Walk South along West Ends main road, keep an eye out for West End Dive shop on your left and look up! There they are!
Price rating: $$

a box filled with different types of food on a plate
a store inside of a restaurant
The view looking in, and looking out of Escondido!


Pasta Pasta Pasta… it’s all about the Pasta at Pazzo’s.

Every place needs that classic, staple Italian restaurant, and ours is the ever so delicious Pazzo’s. Everything is made with true Italian love at Pazzo’s. The homemade pasta, dessert, appetizers and salads are so so good, and can be enjoyed in their very simple yet charming open dining room. The chef works diligently to come up with different and extravagant specials on the reg so you are always in for a surprise when you dine at Pazzo’s!

The authentic Italian food is superb, but we’d be doing you a great disservice if we didn’t mention one of our most favorite things about Pazzo’s : BYOB. In our case, more like BYOW!! Make sure to grab a bottle of wine to pair with your pasta dish before dining at one of the most delicious Roatan restaurants!

Be warned it is a small restaurant and reservations are crucial. In busy season try booking up a week ahead. If you are not on the island just email us at the Coconut Tree dive shop ([email protected]) and we can make reservations for you. You’re welcome!

FAVS: The carpaccio, tiramisu, and ANY of the pasta specials!

Hours: Monday – Friday 5:30PM – 9PM (Closed Weekends)
Location: West Bay Road just right around the corner from West End round about. (West End)
Price rating: $$

a plate of food on a table
Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!


Juniors is SUCH a cool place. The owner (and chef) Junior, has created the perfect little pizza paradise here on Roatan and opened his doors for all to enjoy! Junior’s has long tables set right in front of his pizza making station and oven. Allowing you to see all the love Junior puts into each one of his pies.

This fab little pizza joint can be a touch difficult to find, it is just outside of West End right after Pazzo’s but before Oasis through a wooden fence. There is a small sign that says Junior’s, and if you ask around anyone will be able to point you in the right direction. We love that it is a little hidden, makes it more fun!

It is BYOB, so grab some Salva’s and head to Junior’s for the best pizza on the island, an awesome experience, and great company.

PRO TIP: If you have a bigger group best to make a reservation so that Junior can make sure to accommodate.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 5:30PM -8PM. (Closed Monday/Sunday)
Make your reservation: Call / WhatsApp +504 3207-7949 or email [email protected]
Location: West Bay Road just right around the corner from West End round about between Pazzo’s and Oasis
Price rating: $$

The legend himself, Junior! 

Totally Taco

It does not have to be a Tuesday to enjoy some taco’s on Roatan! The youngest restaurant to make this list and for good reason… these taco’s are out of this world delicioso. This place produces some awesome taco choices like the Sriracha Lime Fish or Wasabi Shrimp just to name a few. No choice of taco would be a mistake here, the only mistake you could make is to leave without trying the dessert ‘Sweet Torts’… aka friend tortilla strips coated in cinnamon and sugar (umm yummm).

Totally Taco would make a great lunch break from your beach day while down in West Bay!

Hours: Monday – Friday 11AM to 7PM Sunday 12PM to 4PM
Phone: 8771-5600
Location: On Bananarama Road behind West Bay Mall (West Bay)
Price rating: $$

The totally taco crew and their delicious menu!

There you have it, the best most delicious Roatan restaurants.

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Comment below with some of your favorite Roatan restaurants !