Who is Molson?

If you follow us on social media you may be a wee bit familiar with this little guy…

But we figure it time he had a proper introduction!

Meet Molson

Molson on the dive shop deck
How stoic is he here?

Molson is the newest and most popular member of the Coconut Tree Dive shop.

He is a pug who loves his mother and father just as much as he loves livin’ the island life in Roatan, Honduras. Molson may be an island pup but his name is a tribute to his Canadian dad, who so brilliantly named him after a beer: Molson Canadian.

molson of coconut tree divers roatan
That face tho. THAT FACE

Molson is no ordinary pup.

Nothing in life is free, and just like the rest of us… Molson pays his way through life!

Molson is officially employed by Coconut’s as the official Shop Watch Dog. Each day he works diligently to keep extra watch over the days events. His main responsibility (when he is not sleeping of course) is to guard and protect us.

Which he executes flawlessly, as depicted in the captures below

Molson guarding the shop
Have you ever seen a more well equipped watch dog?
So scary.

However, our Molson is a dog of many talents.

His other role responsibilities include: Moral booster, emotional support dog, and occasionally filling in on front desk duties.

Molson's front desk responsibilities
Molson takes his responsibilities very seriously.

Getting to know Molson

Molson has a zest for life and an affinity for cuteness. He is a friendly dog who loves all the cuddles. But don’t let those puppy dog eyes fool you, he may be cute as a button but he’s got all the sass and attitude as well!!

Molson of Coconut Tree Divers Roatan
Don’t pug with me

Lets get to know our dear friend Molson the pug a little better shall we?

Best friend: The rubber chicken. (His mother earns an honorable mention, but the rubber chickens is it)

Molson and the rubber chicken
Just a pup and his chickens, ya know?

Likes: Sleeping, chillin’ at the bar with dad, chewing on flip-flops, swimming in the ocean, playing with his sister Hela and the cat Swishy at home and lots of cuddles.

A little nap before a night out with dad
The kitty and prince Molson being carted around by dad

Dislikes: Being too hot, not getting enough attention, when people try to take away his rubber chicken, not being able to scuba dive

Molson of Coconut Tree Divers Roatan
Don’t mess with my rubber chicken!

Biggest Dream: To be the first dog to scuba dive. Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, Molson wants to be the first dog to walk the ocean floor. (A pup can dream)

Molson sad after being in the ocean but not being able to scuba with dad

Favorite things to do: People watching on the steps of the Coconut Tree Dive shop

Molson of Coconut Tree Divers Roatan
Molson loves to people watch (unless he falls asleep)

AND making new friends at the dive shop!

Photo opps with new friends at the dive shop!

Biggest pet peeve: Men in pants. Our French mechanic who wears long pants he does not like lol. When mom and dad don’t let him beg at the dinner table at the dive shop…huff!

Molson of Coconut Tree Divers Roatan
Check out that side eye…

Favorite food: Peanut Butter and MEAT! Not together but he might be in heaven if we did this. 

Molson with mom and dad!
Molson with mom and dad!

We love having Molson as a part of our dive shop.

He puts a smile on everyone’s face and we love watching how happy he is to receive all the love from customers, staff and passer by’s everyday. Come visit us as at Coconut Tree Diver’s Roatan and give Molson a squeeze, he would love to meet you!

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